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Industrial Solutions
Manufacturers and distributors turn to Epic-Cloud for a variety of reasons that all add up to a sustained competitive advantage.

Reliability You Can Count On

Your operations depend more on IT than ever before. An outage can idle your entire team, costing you revenue, productivity and prestige with your customers. Without significant capital investments, you simply can’t match the reliability of Epic-Cloud. Every system is redundant and configured for instant failover. With Epic-Cloud we backup your data once every second and can recover entire servers within minutes. We stand behind it all with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees your uptime.

Agility At The Speed Of Your Business

You can scale your Epic-Cloud up or down as you experience changes in your business. Our contracts are month to month and there are no long-term commitments. Launch servers and virtual desktops in minutes. Add or remove capacity on the fly. Want to test the latest patch from your ERP vendor before putting it in production? No problem, just spin up a temporary clone of your existing server. That sort of flexibility simply hasn’t been cost effective for on premise IT environments in the past.

Epic-Cloud Improves Productivity In Ways You Can’t Imagine Today

Increasingly, manufacturing is becoming a data-driven business. Our virtual desktop solution, called WorkSpace, gives your team access from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Let the sales team use a tablet to look up inventory levels while meeting with a client. Monitor production levels from your smartphone while on the road. Empower engineers to jump on a laptop or their home computer to prevent a late-night trip back to the factory.

WorkSpace is available in various “flavors” and can be tailored to the unique needs of your users. There are simple versions, perfect for clerical staff or the factory floor. Office worker versions for managers and accountants. Or, power user versions that are perfect for engineers and graphic designers. Each WorkSpace is customized to the user and runs your software or any of our subscription-based titles like Microsoft Office 365 or Quickbooks.

Epic-Cloud does all of this without compromising on security or the privacy of your data. In fact, we enhance it. With Epic-Cloud, your data resides in the data center behind our enterprise-level firewalls and security. Nothing is stored locally so if a device is lost or stolen, your trade secrets stay just that… secret. We also give you greater control over things like Internet browsing to help ensure your staff stay focused on your mission-critical tasks.

Preserve Capital, Lower Operating Costs

Epic-Cloud eliminates the need for capital investments in rapidly depreciating IT assets and saves on the operating costs of staff required for its maintenance. With traditional on premise solutions, businesses have historically purchased excess capacity in anticipation of future needs.  That’s not the case with Epic-Cloud where you only pay for what you need today and then scale the solution as you grow.

With Epic-Cloud You Are in Control

One of the pitfalls of cloud-based ERP solutions (where your ERP vendor hosts the software for you), is that you lose control of the application. They can install upgrades and maintenance releases at any time without knowing how it might impact your operations.

With Epic-Cloud, this is your dedicated environment, running your applications and you are in control. We use world-class infrastructure to host your ERP, CRM and accounting platforms and make them sing. You decide when and how to apply patches and upgrades.

Consistent Support For Your Entire IT Environment

Epic-Cloud offers a variety of support relationships. Our standard cloud support makes sure the core platform is healthy, secure, patched and backed up. When it comes to supporting your applications and users, we are happy to supplement your existing IT staff or we can offer a total support solution. In partnership with our parent company, Epic Technologies, we can deliver world-class support via our US-based helpdesk or onsite technicians in your facility anywhere in the continental United States.

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