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Providers often feel “roped” into their EMR vendor’s cloud solution.

From the vendor’s perspective, they make more revenue with cloud hosting and practices tend to use their software longer because it can be harder to switch to another package.

Reliability You Can Count On

Your operations depend more on IT than ever before. An outage can idle your entire team, costing you revenue, productivity and prestige with your customers. Without significant capital investments, you simply can’t match the reliability of Epic-Cloud. Every system is redundant and configured for instant failover. With Epic-Cloud we backup your data once every second and can recover entire servers within minutes. We stand behind it all with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees your uptime.

More With Less

Cloud technology is a great leveler between small businesses and larger companies. With simple, month to month contracts, no long-term commitments and zero capital expenditures you can have the same IT infrastructure as the big guys. Launch servers and virtual desktops in minutes. Add or remove capacity on the fly. That sort of flexibility simply hasn’t been cost effective for small business in the past. That’s doing more with less… that’s smart business.

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