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Mobility Solutions
Empower Your Team. Stay In Control Of Your Data.

Between tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops, the average employee uses up to four devices per day to access corporate data. Today’s workforce wants the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Mobility solutions can help your team be more productive, more responsive, and enjoy a higher quality of life while away from the office.  But how do you enable that dream while still retaining control over your data? With Epic-Cloud’s mobility solutions. 


Epic-Cloud's suite of mobility solutions are designed with security and end user simplicity in mind. Solutions like our virtual desktop solution, called WorkSpace, give your team unfettered access to their Microsoft Windows desktop. WorkSpace essentially turns the access device into a dummy terminal. You can see the desktop, send and receive inputs like keystrokes, mouse movements, and audio but all of the actual data stays in the data center. Nothing is written to the local device so if it is lost or stolen, your data is safe.

WorkSpace also includes a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that allows you to enforce corporate policies on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets that may be accessing and storing company information like e-mail. While you may not require employees to use their own devices for business, you have every right to ask them to follow your security policies should they chose to do so. MDM can do things like enforce password policies, establish encrypted segments of the device to store corporate data, publish company applications to a device, and erase company data off of lost devices. Again, this is something we include as part of the WorkSpace solution.

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Other solutions like Sync allow you to access your files in a file sharing platform that is built for business-grade security. Collaborate with users, clients, and vendors like never before. Sync is also a great way to migrate data into or out of the cloud if you need to go offline for a sales call or a flight.  Sync let's you check files in and out and always know where your data resides.

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Benefits of Mobility

Use WorkSpace to access your desktop on the go from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone for full access to your line of business applications.
Use Sync to move data between local devices and the cloud or as a stand alone file sync and share solution with business-grade security and compliance in mind.
Eliminate complex virtual private network (VPN) technologies with our secure apps that support your existing network login and/or thumbprint identification.
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Stop storing data on devices that are susceptible to damage, loss or theft by keeping it safe and secure in the data center where there are multiple backups and redundancies.


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