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Regulatory Compliance
Leverage Epic-Cloud To Achieve Your Compliance Goals

Regulatory requirements around privacy, security, record retention, administrative controls, and other factors seem to be multiplying these days. Regulations concerning data security and privacy in particular impact a growing number of industries including healthcare, financial services, public companies, and consumer credit. Epic-Cloud works diligently with our clients to understand this changing landscape and stay in compliance with the latest regulations.

Our proven, hardened solutions can help you meet and exceed these requirements while easing the burden on your team. Both Secure Cloud and Private Cloud solutions can be customized with features like encryption (at rest and in transit), segregation and isolation as needed to help you achieve your goals. 

We understand and accept our responsibility as part of your compliance program and are more than happy to sign documents such as business associate agreements to that effect. We understand that you probably are considering the cloud as a way to offload some of the IT burden from your team, but yet you still need transparency into the IT function to make sure you are meeting your regulatory requirements. We are committed to providing you with the level of detail you need about the configuration and functioning of your IT environment to help you meet your compliance goals.


Epic-Cloud offers Secure Cloud, Private Cloud, Bare Metal Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions in secure, audited, carrier-grade facilities that meet or exceed your regulatory thresholds.


Epic-Cloud Meets All Major Regulatory Requirements

HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
PCI Compliant
PCI Compliant
SOX Compliant
SOX Compliant
GLBA Compliant
GLBA Compliant

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