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Cloud Backup and Recovery
Cloud Backup Eliminates The Risk of Downtime and Data Loss

The average business leader gives little thought to data backup. They know they need it and chances are they probably think they have some form of backup in place. Far too often, however, we meet business leaders who were surprised to learn that their backup wasn't as reliable as they had thought.  They now face the nightmare of trying to recover lost data and restore business operations.

In today's climate, businesses that lose their data are literally out of business. According to a study by research firm Gartner Group, 43 percent of companies were immediately put out of business by a "major loss" of computer records, and another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years - leaving a mere six percent "survival" rate. It is vital that business leaders understand the elements of a comprehensive business continuity strategy to ensure the business' continuing operations.

A reliable backup is just the starting point. You have to be absolutely certain that you get a complete copy of all of your critical information to an offsite location at least once each day. But how do you know that's happening? Look for solutions that will completely automate the process for you. You don't want to depend on an employee to remember to swap out the tapes or the drives. You also need to know if the backup process was successful in obtaining a complete copy of your data. That means it should be tested and validated each day to verify success. Ideally, you or someone on your team would receive a report each day to document that the entire process ran successfully.

Many leaders stop right there. After all, they say, "We have a solid backup." That's wonderful! But, how long would it take you to recover from that backup if you had to rely on it? What specific steps would have to be followed to bring the systems back online? With legacy backup solutions (heck even some cloud-based solutions), the answer is often that the process could take days (or even weeks) to accomplish.  Could you afford to wait that long?

We all assume that disasters won't happen to us. We hear the word "disaster" and we think of fires, floods, tornados, and hurricanes. The reality is that disasters more often arive in the form of viruses, software corruption, hardware failures, and human errors. 

SAFE Cloud Backup +DR

SAFE Cloud Backup +DR is more than just a data backup solution. It is a complete disaster recovery solution. 

SAFE automates the backup process by taking multiple snapshots of your data every hour creating multiple recovery points throughout the day. The data is copied to our offsite data center where it is automatically tested and validated for accuracy.  At the end of each day, SAFE boots up a virtual copy of your servers to prove that, if needed, we could quickly recover your data and that we have everything we need for a functioning server.

 When it comes to disaster recovery, SAFE Cloud Backup +DR offers multiple solutions. First, we offer virtualization in our Epic-Cloud data center. We can turn up a copy of your servers within minutes and redirect your users to access the cloud-based resources while you decide what to do with the on-premises equipment. Alternatively, we also offer an on-premises SAFE appliance that can virtualize your servers locally in your office when needed.  The point is that either way, we are talking about recovery within minutes not days.

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Benefits of Cloud Backup and Recovery

Managed, monitored and tested backups continuously proven to be ready when needed.
All data is stored in multiple secure, offsite facilities designed to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.
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Don’t just hope your business can recover from a data disaster. Our continuity solutions are tested nightly for immediate recovery.


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