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IT Solutions

Using Epic-Cloud to Meet Real World Needs


Today’s workforce wants the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere for greater productivity and improved work/life balance.

Enable that dream while still retaining control over your data with Epic-Cloud’s mobility solutions. Nothing is stored on the user’s devices but the performance looks and feels like it always did – maybe even better.


Your data is too important to leave anything to chance, you MUST have a reliable offsite backup that allows you to recover quickly should the worst occur.

We offer a managed service called SAFE Backup that can protect your data and restore server function in minutes. Or, if you just need an offsite solution for your own backup solution, we offer our low-cost IceBox storage.

Data Archival

Epic-Cloud offers a variety of storage solutions designed to supplement or replace your current storage with zero capital investment or long-term commitment.

Use our storage within our cloud in a Secure or Private Cloud solution or integrate it remotely into your existing servers as part of a Hybrid Cloud solution.

PCI Compliant

Epic-Cloud offers Secure Cloud, Private Cloud, Bare Metal Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions in secure, audited, carrier-grade facilities that meet or exceed your regulatory thresholds.

Solutions can be customized with encryption (at rest and in transit), segregation and isolation as needed. Epic is happy to sign business associate agreements as needed for clients under HIPAA requirements.

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