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Local Cloud

Local Cloud delivers cloud resources through your local carrier for amazing speed and performance.

In partnership with local carriers, we install a segment of the EpiOn Cloud platform in telco data centers to deliver amazing performance and reliability.

Truly Unique Offering

EpiOn's Local Cloud offers something truly unique to the market. Local Cloud takes all of the resources of cloud computing (e.g. the servers, storage, etc.) and physically locates them as close as possible to the end users. We actually install a segment of our Cloud platform in select local telco data centers to offer optimal performance and reliability. That way you get all of the benefits of the cloud AND the best network performance and reliability available. 

Turn Your Carrier's Network Into Your LAN

We essentially turn your carrier's network into one big, secure local area network for your business. You may be using your Internet connection to reach Local Cloud but technically you don't have to cross the Internet to reach your cloud resources. Our Local Cloud clients have achieved a 10 or even 20 fold increase in network performance and reliability with this approach.

With Local Cloud, your cloud-based resources feel like they are still in your office. It takes the concept of Hybrid Cloud and puts it on steroids to give you a best of breed solution. 

Middle & Eastern Tennessee Counties

Local Cloud is only offered in select markets at this time as detailed below:

For customers of Twin Lakes, Ben Lomand, DTC Communications, Vol First, North Central Telecom, Highland Communications, and the Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative.

EpiOn Cloud Local Service Area

If you are located outside of our core Local Cloud service area, you will still enjoy great performance with your EpiOn cloud solutions.  We just offer an extra special (amazing) level of service for those lucky enough to live in a Local Cloud market. If you would like to see us bring Local Cloud to your area, please let us know so that we can measure the interest for your area.

If you are with a telecom company or Internet service provider and would like to learn more about offering Local Cloud solutions to your customers, please contact us.


Benefits of Local Cloud

Increased Comput Increased Comput 1  Reduced TCO  High Availability 
LAN Speed Access Greater Reliability Enhanced Security Gradual Migration to Cloud