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Hybrid Cloud

EpiOn Hybrid Cloud offers seamless integration between your EpiOn cloud resources and your on-premise environment. Truth be told, Hybrid Cloud is really just a term used to represent various combinations of cloud solutions.

Scenario 1 - Integration with On-Premises Solutions

Maybe you are interested in moving a specific application to the cloud but have other servers or applications that need to remain on-premises in your existing server room.  Hybrid Cloud makes that possible by creating one seamless network between your EpiOn cloud resources and your on-premises solutions. This is a strategy often used by businesses looking for a gradual migration path to the cloud.

Scenario 2 - Integration of Multiple Cloud Solutions

Another common Hybrid Cloud scenario makes use of Private Cloud and Secure Cloud resources working together in tandem. In this situation, you are fully in the cloud but you segregate the workload to the environment that best meets your needs. Use Private Cloud for those situations where regulatory requirements or privacy concerns dictate and then use the more cost-effective Secure Cloud solution to achieve a best of breed approach.

Regardless of your needs, EpiOn's cloud can help you combine Secure Cloud, Private Cloud and on-premises solutions to achieve the optimum performance and cost savings for your organization.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Increased Comput Increased Comput 1  Reduced TCO  High Availability 
Remote Backup and Recovery Data Storage Solutions Gradual Migration to Cloud High Availability & Disaster Recovery