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Managed Services - User Training / Enablement

A personalized approach to learning and employee empowerment.

QuickHelp™ (by BrainStorm) is an unparalleled learning solution that combines content expertise with an intelligent platform—all designed to transform the way users work with their Microsoft technology. This highly personalized approach to change management gets users and their technology on the same team, preventing user frustration, alleviating IT workloads, and helping organizations reach their goals. Through a combination of "cheat sheets", short videos, and live, instructor-led training, each user receives a personalized learning path designed to help them be more productive with the technology you have provided for them.

Productivity you can measure

We believe that with the right technology, tools, and know-how, any person can be empowered to work smarter and achieve more. As we arm organizations and people with tools that help them see technology as beneficial instead of detrimental, we create a more liberated workforce that thinks bigger, works faster, and succeeds to heights they never thought possible.

  • One QuickHelp playlist can save an average of 18 minutes per week
  • One live QuickHelp event saves an average of 1 hour a week
  • One QuickHelp playlist prevents one help desk call per user per month

How It Works

We believe that small changes create big differences. That’s why we deliver strategic, bite-size tips and tricks that speak to every individual’s learning style and job role. The content is anchored in real-life business scenarios so that users do more than tolerate their software; they learn to work more powerfully with it. As individuals start changing habits, organizations start to see tangible ROI and a more motivated and dynamic workplace.

  1. Personalize - An individualized approach to organizational change.  Customized skill path based upon a brief survey of each user with videos and event invitations tailored to their needs.
  2. Attract - Learning that engages users from every angle.  Relevant reminders keep users engaged in their learning path.  We also use "gamification" to create a fun, competitive, professional environment with their peers.
  3. Change - A long-term solution for changing habits and attitudes.  Productivity-focused content keeps users focused on learning the right stuff.  Content surfaces based on evolving needs.

When IT Matters

If your organization depends upon it's information technology, then you need a structured, process-based approach to IT management.  EpiOn's EmPower program starts by aligning your IT with your business goals and industry best practices for security, performance, and capacity. EmPower's Managed Service program ensures that your environment operates at peak efficiency and when help is needed, our Service Desk is just a call, chat, or e-mail away. To learn more about the specific content included as part of the User Training service inside of EmPower's Managed Services program, use the form at the right or call us at (931) 526-3742.