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Virtualize your Desktop

Users are no longer tethered to a stationary desktop computer, they need a mobile, secure, standardized computing environment accessible from any device.

With EpiOn's WorkSpace, your entire office can be virtualized, granting your employees access anywhere to their desktop and applications.  By centralizing your desktop environment, you can access your files and programs from anywhere on virtually any device with a web browser, and the cost of management and support is minimized.

Simple, Complete Desktop Experience

The performance of a clean, new PC each time you log in.  The simplicity of launching an app.

WorkSpace is a complete Microsoft WindowsTM desktop preloaded with dozens of the most common productivity applications. Login is quick and easy through our handy app or through your favorite Internet browser. Once connected, use it just like a traditional computer – access your files, copy and paste text between applications, surf the web, watch videos and print to local printers. With our optional Sync solution, copying files between your local device and WorkSpace is as easy as drag and drop.

Secure Access from Anywhere

Empower a BYOD culture while still retaining control of your data.

Corporate computing is not as simple as it used to be. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones, have created a highly mobile, location independent, agile workforce. WorkSpace empowers your staff to use their own devices from any location while ensuring a consistent user experience. Since WorkSpace uses a proprietary remote display protocol to compress, encrypt, and encode data, only images and audio are transmitted to your local devices. Nothing is cached or saved locally so if a device is lost or stolen, your data remains safe in the data center. And of course WorkSpace is compliant with the major privacy regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and GLBA.

This is YOUR Environment

Host your applications, access your data, do business from anywhere.  You can have it all in the cloud.

With literally thousands of applications already tested in our platform, WorkSpace can run the software you already use to run your business. Be it name brand applications from companies like Microsoft, Sage or Intuit or obscure titles unique to your industry, it can run in WorkSpace. You can bring your own license or opt to take advantage of one of our many subscription programs to avoid the large up-front expense of software purchases. We offer a variety of subscription-based applications like Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Adobe Acrobat that are always maintained and on the latest release. Never use outdated software again!

WorkSpace comes in three versions that you can mix and match to achieve the perfect fit for your team.

  • Standard - Designed for the 85% of your users who perform routine administrative tasks such as e-mail, data entry, reporting, analysis, or web-based research. Standard is based on a "published desktop" architecture which means that users have limited control over the operating system. They can customize certain features but are restricted from changing areas that might impact their user experience. Each time they log in, we load a fresh, clean copy of their desktop and apply their personal preferences. Graphics performance with Standard is excellent but it is not designed for users who need continuous hi-res graphics such as graphics artists, video editors, or engineers.
  • Premium - Designed for the 10% of your users who might best be described as "power users". These are the people who pushed their legacy desktop computer to the max doing things like data analysis, desktop publishing, and graphics design. Premium is based on a full Microsoft Windows desktop operating system which affords the user a higher degree of control and autonomy than what is capable in the Standard desktop. Premium also includes enhanced graphics support suitable to users who occasionally need hi-res graphics capabilities.
  • Designer - Built for the 5% of your users who work continuously in the fields of engineering, video production, or high-end graphics design. Designer is based on a full Microsoft Windows desktop operating system that is designed from the ground up for high performance. Designer users receive our premium graphics capabilities which are suitable for things like 3D modeling, vector rendering, and video production.

We would be happy to setup a free trial to let you see WorkSpace for yourself. Use the form to the right to connect with us today!