Cloud Storage

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Big storage. Fast storage. Geographically-diverse storage. Choose the option that meets your performance, resilience, and budget needs.

Our core storage platform is built for scale. With hundreds of terabytes of space and the ablity to generate over 160,000 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), this is a storage solution you won’t outgrow.

An Offering For Every Need and Budget

Storage you can tailor to fit your environment. 

EpiOn's Cloud Storage is actualy a suite of solutions offering you multiple ways to store information in the Cloud. Use each storage service on a standalone basis or in combination to create exactly the right environment for your team and your budget.

Always Redundant, Always Secure

Storage without sacrifice in security and compliance.

Block, File, Object and Ice Box solutions include our Safe data backup service. We also offer the Safe backup service to customers still using on-premise servers. All data is replicated to multiple sites and stored in secure facilities that are fully compliant with all of the major privacy regulations.

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Enterprise-class SAN storage delivering up to 10,000 IOPS per server. Delivered via iSCSI to cloud or on-premises servers.

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Lower cost file storage delivered via iSCSI, NFS, SMB or CIFS. Use with Cloud Server or as a stand alone NAS.

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True Object storage delivered via S3 or an NFS gateway. Perfect for storage of large, unstructured data sets or archives.

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Archival storage that is secure, durable and extremely low-cost. Perfect for data that doesn’t need to be accessed often.