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Epic Cloud Server   Web Version

Cloud-based Virtual Server. Maintaining your own server and IT infrastructure is very costly.

With Epic-Cloud Server, get exactly what you need without the overhead. Take your server to the cloud and reclaim your office space while eliminating management and hardware expenses.

Epic Storage

Cloud-based Data Storage. Big storage. Fast storage. Attached storage.

Geographically-diverse storage. Choose the option that meets your needs for security, redundancy, reliability, and performance.


Cloud-Managed, Hybrid Networking Solutions. Hybrid clouds and local area networks require a multi-layer, unified approach for optimum security and performance.

Epic-Cloud Connect is your way to make it happen. Living in a connected world means you can’t leave your network on auto-pilot any longer.


Business Grade File Sync and Share Service. We live in a fast-paced, mobile world.

How are your employees accessing and sharing files on the go? Maximize employee productivity and data security with Epic-Sync. Remote working and team collaboration are now typical in the business setting and employees need convenient access to their work files.


So, why would you want “cloud-based” software? Simple. Do security, availability, performance, and flexibility matter?

Epic-Cloud offers subscription-based access to dozens of the most popular business productivity applications on the market today. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on software every few years, get access to the same software on a simple month-to-month plan that ensures you always have the latest release.

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