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Private Cloud
Dedicated Hardware With The Flexibility Of The Cloud

Sometimes, regulatory requirements or internal policies bar an organization from using "public cloud" technologies. That's why we created Epic-Cloud Private Cloud.  

Private Cloud is the perfect solution for organizations that require complete autonomy, control, and security in their cloud hosting environment. In a Private Cloud solution, we take our best of breed technologies for virtual private networking (Epic-Cloud Connect), virtual servers (Epic-Cloud Server), virtual desktops (Epic-Cloud WorkSpace) and data storage (Epic-Cloud Storage) and deliver them on hardware that is completely dedicated to your organization. That way you still get the benefits of the cloud, but in a format that meets your privacy and regulatory needs. 

Compared to the costs of running an in-house, high-availability server farm, Private Cloud is a clear winner. Private Cloud will help you save time and money while at the same time delivering higher performance, scalability, and reliability.  

Just like with our Secure Cloud solutions, with Private Cloud, you can have as much or as little control over the environment as you desire. Your team can configure and scale resources on-demand or we are happy to manage the entire solution for you.

Benefits of Private Cloud

Increased Comput
Scale Without Limits
Controllable & Predictable
Achieve Regulatory Compliance
High Availability
High Availability & Disaster Recovery
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